CITCABLE:   VITON FLAT WIRE FOR NTC SENSOR/Suitable for lead wires of thermistor sensors.
Product Construction:
 Insulation:Cross linked Fluoroelastomer
 Conductor:Tinned annealed copper wire
 0.14MMSQ  7/0.16TC  Fluoroelastomer FLAT OD: 1.05* 2.15mm
 0.35MMSQ  19/0.15TC  Fluoroelastomer FLAT OD: 1.5* 3.10mm
 Key Features:
1,Insulation These wires have excellent adhesion to epoxy resin compared with Teflon,   It's no need to etch with epoxy resin
2,Heat resistance … The insulation is cross linked by irradiation and stable thermally. It is resistant to high temperature(~ 200℃).
3,Oil resistance …    It is excellent compared with normal PVC wire, teflon wire.
4,Chemical resistance … It is excellent compared with normal PVC wire, teflon wire,

CITCABLE Special Insulated wire is available by custom; we can extrude this material in round, square. We can also provide all special insulated wire in stranded and other wire
VITON Flat Wire for NTC thermistor Sensor
Cable for PTC/NTC/RTD heating 
Cable for Spiral heating cartridge  
Cable for Thermocouples sensors 
Cable for Flame sensors  
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Special cables for high temperature monitoring
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Cable for temperature, rpm and speed sensors
Cable for track bed sensors and signaling systems
Cable for inverters, pantographs and traction drives
Cable for braking systems
Cable for Shielded and unshielded communication  
Cable for Light heavy-current as control and power lines
Special cables for marine diesel engines
     CITCables are a specialist Sensor Cable manufacturer who can produce a broad range of custom designed  High Temperature  Sensor Wires & Cables  for use in the most challenging and extreme environments. We produce a core range of sensor wires & cable that are all designed and manufactured in our own factory. We can also build a bespoke solution if you require something very specific.