CITCABLE: High Temperature Low noise Coax 50 Ohm  Teflon CABLE  
Product Construction: 
Temp.: -196 to +260 °C
Dimension similar to RG174(OD:2.2mm),   RG178(OD:1.5mm) or others
Teflon insulated wires with Silver-plated or Nickel-plated conductors 
High Radiation Resistance 109 Rad= 107 Gy
Communication systems 33ohm, 50oh, 75ohm RF cable,  and  upt/stp 100ohm, 120ohm 150ohm cable, and HFI260 Armored Fiber Oifer cable 

 High Temperature Low noise Coax 50 Ohm  Teflon cable outstanding and excellent abrasion resistance, dielectric strength, chemical resistance, thermal endurance in long. protects against corrosion
Low noise Coax 50 Ohm Teflon CABLE
Construction Conductor Tin Plated Copper (TPC) Silver Plated Copper (SPC) Silver Plated Copper Covered Steel (SCCS) Copper Covered Steel (CCS)
Dielectric HFI260 Frequency range Up to 200 MHz
Screen Multi-layered composite braids and foils
Sheath  HFI260 and others
Vp 56%
Colour code Natural Sheath Natura
 low noise teflon Cable

一、 Construction

   1、Conductor:   Silver Plated Alloy Copper       1/0.254  or    7×0.1mm

   2、Insulation: teflon,peek,and others

   3、Coating:  Carbon/Liquid Graphite/electric teflon  

   4、  Inner Screen:  Braided screen of silver plated copper wire  95%

   5、Inner Jacket:teflon,peek,TPI,viton,and others

   6、 Outer Screen:  Braided screen of silver plated copper wire  95% 

   7、 Jacket: teflon,peek,TPI,viton,and others



   1、 Conductor to Inner Screen  <90pF/m   

   2、 Inner Screenr to Outer Screen  <200pF/m   
   3、  Noise Level (pk - pk )                     ≤3 mV