CITCABLE: Cryogenic wire cable
  CITCABLE offers the original types and a wide range of new TPI Wire Types for use in Cryogenic engineering. 
Low temperature -196℃, -272℃
industries Include:
- cryogenic storage system Wire
- Highly Flexible Multi-strand Types
- cryogenic pumps Cable
- cryogenic liquid Cable
- The original UHV Cable
- Medical Cable
-Aerospace Cable
-Automotive Cable
-Electronics Cable
-Chemical Cable
-Sensors Cable, and more Cable
Cryogenic Cable
Polyimide (TPI) PEEK, TPI PCTEF of high performing polymers known for their exceptional chemical, thermal, and mechanical performance properties. These materials demonstrate exceptional thermal stability in high and low temperatures and are extremely flame resistant.
 PEEK, TPI PCTEF composite is a high lubricity polyimide blend for applications that require lower surface friction yet do not require the performance of pure PEEK, TPI PCTEF maintains broad chemical resistance and good dielectric properties in addition to its reduced coefficient of friction. PEEK, TPI PCTEF  is available in tubing and as a coating for over-the-wire ( insulated wire cable) applications.
For insulated wire,PEEK, TPI PCTEF provides a low-friction wire for easier deployment or insertion into tubing. With PEEK, TPI PCTEF  wire, inside diameters offer low resistance to inserted devices or tools (pushability) while the outside remains bondable without etching.
PEEK, TPI PCTEF can also be produced in a layered composite construction with our conventional polyimide or with TPI
Composite layering polyimide and PEEK, TPI PCTEF allows users to further tailor polyimide tubing or coating properties.

PEEK, TPI PCTEF with tpi wire cable for military avionic Thermoplastic Polyimide wire cable,AURUM PL450C cable,PI Insulated Coaxial Cable, Polyimide wire cable
CITCables are designed for extremely low temperature environments and manufactured who can produce a broad range of extreme temperature Cryogenic Cables for use in the most challenging of environments. With clients from the Oil and Gas to the Steel and Nuclear industries, we are confident we have a cable to suit your requirements.