CITCABLE:10mm2,16mm2,25mm2,35mm2, 50mm2,70mm2, Fluorine contained heat resistant rubber Cable
Products Description
·Rated temperature:-60℃ ~ 200℃  ,T4 and T6 rated (3000 hours)
·Rated voltage: 600V DC----1500VDC
·Conductor: 0.25mm2 to 50.0mm2 fully annealed stranded copper  Per ASTM B-33
Operating temperature range
-40 °C to +200°C for Fluoroelastomer / VITON/XLFE/FKM/FPM
Extremely Flexible cable
• Excellent resistance to automotive fluids  
• Compatible with all harness components
• Light-weight
• Fire safety (VW-1)
• Mechanically tough
• Resistant Hydrofluoric acid
Fluorine contained heat resistant rubber Cable
We provide fluoroelastomer wire cable products. If you are interested in fluoroelastomer wire cable, please contact us and initiate a consultation for more information.
1,Cost-Effective Battery Cables
2, Resistant  Acid Battery Cables
3, Battery BMS Cables
4,   EV Cable
5,   Moter Cable
Motor Winding Cables While most of our cables are designed for heavy duty and /or harsh operating environments, our expertise with custom miniature flexible cables positions us to supply you with the winding wire developed to suit your operating requirements. High temperature solutions are our specialty, and we will provide the proper cable to meet the voltage demands and spikes of your motor wire application. 
We can provide cable for rewind applications as replacements for inefficient or failed original cabling.Contact CITCABLE or submit a request for information or quote directly from our site here. We’ll be happy to discuss the requirements of your motor winding wire or pump cable application and how we might assist you in meeting them.