Guangdong Shenxing Özel Kablo Co., Ltd.

CITCable is a Özelleştirilmiş Özel Kablo Şirketi, manufactures and markets of HighTemprature Sensor ,Fluid Resistant Automatic Transmission Wire ,Electronic transmission wire, Automotive primary anti-capillary cable, High Temperature Automotive ABS (anti-lock braking system)Sensor Cables ,  Electric Motorcycle Motor and Power Cables ,  Hot Oil Resistant 200°C  Automotive Engine Wire , New energy EV Cable ,SPE Cable ,Military ,Civil radar system, Security system,Aerospace, Semiconductor automatic system,Ultra fine Medical Coaxial Cables and CMP/PLENUM/CL2P/CL3P cable products

CITCable is an elite provider of sophisticated wire and cable products for the HighTemprature Sensor Cable, Automotive, Medical device industry. We are proud to offer an extensive range of products that can be used in Medical, Military, Electronics, Automotive and the Aerospace markets. In addition, we hold a number of certificates such as: UL, VDE, CUL,ISO 9000-2000 and ISO 9002-1994.

CITCable’s dedicated engineering group will be your extended team to remove your cable problems. The next few pages will profile our capabilities and cable breadth, more importantly, we have selected the best team of engineers to design and build your custom requirements

Experience built up over last 20 years In the field of High Temprature Sensor Cable, Automotive, Industries,Medical wires and cables, we are proud to be firmly established as one of Military and civil radar system,Medical industry’s valued partners for decades now.

When your application is in the up-most extreme dynamic conditions such as, operating rooms, trauma centers, fields then, that's when our design and manufacturing teams become a source you need, We specialize in wires and cables that is manufactured with FKM/VTION,PEEK,PI/TPI,PEI,Silicone, Teflon, TPE, TPU,XLPE ,USP-PVC, other High Temperature materials.