Özel tel ve kablo tesisatı tabusu

1. Avoid repeated wiring. During the installation and construction of Özelleştirilmiş Özel Kablo, some construction workers use one pipeline for one wire in order to make the pipeline more clear. However, this will be more troublesome in future maintenance, and it is difficult to find the location of the problem pipeline. It is best to make the line into a "live line" when installing the wire, that is, put the wires of the same direction in a tube under the condition that the capacity of the pipeline does not exceed 40%, so as to avoid the trouble of maintenance in the future.

2. Avoid installing socket wires at will. Some people will randomly install socket wires, which is a safety hazard. Because the aluminum wire is easily oxidized, the joint is easy to catch fire. Therefore, the power supply wire must use a copper wire cross section, especially in the old house, pay attention to replacing the original aluminum wire with copper wire.

3. Avoid co-management of strong and weak electricity. Generally speaking, AC power is used in households, but some construction teams store all wires such as power lines, network cables, telephone lines, etc. together for convenience, so that there will be strong interference between the lines, not only the signal is unstable, but also left behind. fire hazard. Therefore, the strong and weak currents should be installed separately, and the parallel spacing of the strong current lines should not be less than 75px, the optimal Z distance should be 1250px, and the intersection must be at a right angle.

4. Avoid direct burial of wires without casing. Some construction workers are irresponsible and will directly bury the wire in the wall. Since the wire is not protected by an insulating tube, it is easy to suffer external damage and cause a short circuit in the future. Therefore, be sure to supervise the work yourself to ensure that the wire and cable installation is standardized.